…. continuing on Brad’s thought….

June 9, 2021


I, too, have noticed that we’er all in the 97 range when I take temperatures.

Since I was little, I’ve wondered about the effect of a planet full of air conditioners (well, several continents), pumping away during the summer. When I was…. 7? 8?, I would stand outside and feel the hot air coming out of the back of the air condition and think, “Isn’t that just making it hotter out here?” I do think that humans are affecting the planet.

In other news, Lloyd caught a cold on vacation. Poor guy.

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2 Responses to “…. continuing on Brad’s thought….”

  1. Deborah Said on:

    I had that same thought as a kid.
    We actually did not have air conditioning for quite a few years when we were living in Missouri. No AC at home, church, or school. I do remember being uncomfortably hot.


  2. Brad Said on:

    Ugh. I haven’t had a cold for a long time. My last one was during the pandemic though. I stayed home two days last fall because of it -- abundance of caution, you know. It was nice. I should stay home when I’m sick more often.


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