Life-shaping Books from the Past, Part 1

June 29, 2021


This summer I used one of those Silly Holiday sites for lesson plans. I picked a silly holiday, read a book and then we do a couple of activities. The day practically writes itself. Last Friday was Log Cabin Day, so at the beginning of the week I started to read a chapter of Little House on the Prairie to them at nap time. On Friday, building with Lincoln Logs was one of our activities. It’s going great.

I read from the chapter books every so often, and since they are so young, there is a fair amount of voice-editing-on-the-fly that goes on. I don’t dwell on gun stuff, and when there is a scary chapter – like them crossing the river and the horses nearly drowning – I skip it and give the kids a synopsis before reading the next chapter.

…. but the cabin building? Oh, it was fascinating reading all of that as an adult and wondering if I could do the same in Pa’s situation. We all know that I would have ridden to Independence to buy a gunny sack full of L-brackets.

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  1. Deborah Said on:

    L-brackets would have come in handy.


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