A bit worried about Ralph

July 8, 2021


So, remember when I was so happy that Ralph had lost that weight? Well, he is still losing it. It was great when he was at 16 pounds (down from 20), but now he’s at 14. He’s still drinking like there won’t be water tomorrow, and that is probably a sign of bad things to come. So, there’s that. Lloyd is going to take him to the vet soon to see what’s up. I’m ok, since Cricket ripped my heart out long ago, but it’s still no fun.

In other news, yesterday was National Macaroni Day. How did you celebrate?

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One Response to “A bit worried about Ralph”

  1. Brad Said on:

    I hope he’s ok. His weight loss is from dieting, right? So that’s good. Just got to figure out that thirst thing.

    I did nothing for National Macaroni Day. I’m so embarrassed.


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