July 25, 2021


Saturday morning I woke up early for Council Fire, then was ramped up to do a bunch of stuff. I stopped at the Center to water our trees (it’s been pretty dry here), and discovered that the tiny toilet in the toddler room was clogged. After some plunging, I hypothesized that there is a toy stuck in there. It is beyond my control.

In Lincoln, I had things to drop off at Goodwill and some errands to run. It was a delightfully disorganized trip, and I was home by mid-afternoon. Sam called to say that he was coming to pick up the trailer so he could get bags of mulch, potting soil and sand that Wal*Mart was selling for 25 cents a bag.

When he returned, the sand was loaded into my truck for the CDC, and we used some of the potting soil to build a ‘ramp’. (It’s just until fall, when he’ll use it to level out some of his yard.

I applauded our ingenuity. The time-lapse just shows the initial ‘build’. It was 90° and 99% humidity, so the finessing needed to wait until cooler times.

I love it. I never want to change it.

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  1. Brad Said on:

    Twenty-five cents per bag? That’s crazy! I’m jealous!

    I’m glad you have a ramp though. Did they have any more potting soil at Walmart? Maybe you could buy Sam replacement bags and just keep those there…


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