So much sweat

July 28, 2021


I have some other stuff to report on from the weekend, but I’m behind. (Lloyd was gone and I got a few jobs done.)

The weather was incredibly hot yesterday and when I came home from work I took a shower and then merely existed until bedtime. Soooooo hot. My kids only went out in the morning, but when we came in, I couldn’t stop sweating. Bleh. Just a couple more days of this and then we cool down for a few days.

I really hate summer.

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2 Responses to “So much sweat”

  1. Brad Said on:

    Beth was just saying the same thing about summer. She said she much preferred the cold. I’ve always said that too, but my blood is a lot thinner these days, so I don’t really know how I’d react to winter now…


  2. Beth Said on:

    Oh yea. I hate summer and hot weather. For my whole life.
    Bring on winter! 🙂


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