Furniture Fatigue

August 15, 2021


The furniture in this house is OLD. Old and/or purchased from clearance/scratch-and-dent areas or auctions. Don’t get me wrong – I love my furniture, but there are definitely some issues.

Lloyd and I have been talking for years about getting different living room furniture. The generations of cats, meals and normal wear-and-tear have taken their toll, and since we are now up to multiple layers of different cloth to cover the cushions, it is time.

We weren’t expecting to buy new living room furniture two weeks ago. That weekend, Sam and Rachel were in the market for a new reclining loveseat, so we went to Omaha with them to look around. They actually found items for their living room and family room, and meanwhile Lloyd pointed out stuff that he liked. I kept saying, “Cool, but I’m not shopping today.”

We left the store after purchasing two chairs and a sofa.

The chairs won’t arrive until October, and the sofa will be here in December. That gives me time to say goodbye to my current stuff. *sniff*

Now let’s talk about mattresses. We have company coming this week to drop off their children at Concordia. Due to our fantastic communication, Lloyd and I got the dates wrong. We thought there would be a good amount of crossover and the college kids would be safely in their dorms, but everyone’s going to be here one night (6 people). No worries. We just bought more beds.

See, Lloyd and I bought our current mattress over 15 years ago. It looks like a display cushion for two hot dogs – nice long trenches on each side. I have a tendency to thrash around while I sleep, and had often thought that we should just get two (extra long) twin beds and set them up side-by-side as a king bed. Well, Saturday afternoon was spent scouring Lincoln for a place that had two mattresses in stock. We chose some that are actually in Omaha and Lloyd will pick them up on Monday. The guests will use them for their stay, and then we will move them into our room.

Have a great Sunday!

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  1. Brad Said on:

    Aww… no pictures? I have to wait until October to see it? I’m excited to see what you got!

    I used to flip my mattress every once in a while to help keep the dents away, but my current mattress is one-sided. I can only rotate it.


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