Re-‘new’ing the house: Part 2

August 31, 2021


You already know that we bought the new mattresses for the company, and now it was time to put them in the bedroom, but not on the boxes of plates (which were returned). We needed to get a platform.

What I wanted in my heart of hearts was this – it’s a bed made with Japanese joinery and goes together with no hardware. A bed that is also a puzzle? Yes, please.

However, when we were mattress shopping a couple of weeks ago, we made the mistake of trying the beds/platforms that raise and lower at the head and feet. Lloyd was hooked, and I thought it would be nice for when I’m having acid reflux issues. Once we got to Nebraska Furniture Mart on Saturday, Lloyd was grumpy enough (we’d had a long day) that he marched right up to a salesman and ordered that kind. Whatever.

The platforms and sofa all fit in the bed of the pickup, much to my surprise. (I made a big ol’ stink about how it was ABSOLUTELY NOT going to fit, and then had to choke on my own words. Lloyd graciously did not rub it in. Much.)

Anyway, back in Seward, Sam, Gracen and Lloyd hauled those giant boxes upstairs, which took some doing since the stairwell is impossibly tiny. This was after moving the sofas in the 90-degree/90% humidity. Ugh. I am so grateful.

Sunday, Lloyd and I worked on taking the old bed apart and putting the new beds together. It was easier work than I though it would be but it took longer than I thought. Most of our time was spent shuffling stuff around and breaking down cardboard.

We’ve only slept on them a couple of nights, but I think they’ll work out ok. The best part is how they freak out the cats.

The head and legs go up. Too far and you’re in a taco.

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  1. Brad Said on:

    I’ve been curious about those beds. I, too, have stomach acid problems. You’ll have to give us an updated report after a few weeks or months.


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