Back in the saddle.

September 22, 2021


It was a good first day back. When I was in Colorado, it felt like I was outside time – like I had never even lived in Seward. It was so strange.

Anyway, it was right back into the thick of things. The children had made me several signs along the lines of ‘Welcome Back!’ and ‘We’re glad your mom is in heaven’, and it was very sweet. I made it through the day only tearing up a couple of times, and was able to thank people for their kind words. Family peeps, lots of people are praying for you.

My director’s brother-in-law died this weekend, so she and her husband are headed to Tennessee today for the funeral. Prayers that ‘everyone who is supposed to work these next few days makes it in’ would be appreciated! We’ll probably do some scheduling shuffling regardless, but I’m not good at helping with that.

Love you all!

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  1. Brad Said on:

    I’m glad to hear your first day back was good. Hopefully the next few days won’t be too hectic.


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