Scary dream

September 29, 2021


My kids this year are SOOOOO much nicer than last year’s. Anything they do that bugs me, I just remind myself how bad it was last year. They nap pretty well, except for one boy who tries to do gymnastics. We are working on it. That’s my time to get caught up on some paperwork, but it is a little irritating.

Yesterday, a different boy sat up about ten minutes in. He looked at me and said something softly. I came closer and asked him what what wrong. (I thought he said that he had an accident.)

“I had a dream that snakes were eating me.”

Poor kid. I assured him I’d sit right beside him for the rest of nap and pat his back. Paperwork could wait.

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  1. Brad Said on:

    I’m curious about anybody’s dreams, but especially little kids. Un-jaded imagination. I remember talking with a kid once about his dream of the Radish Man.


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