We harvested the pumpkin!

October 1, 2021


On Wednesday it was supposed to storm in the evening. The old tree that the pumpkin was in is pretty old and dry, and I worried about it snapping. So, we picked the pumpkin! Specifically, we hacked it off with a kitchen knife.

We brought it inside and made some terrible predictions about its weight, height and circumference, which were hilarious because my kids barely know what numbers are. We had a wide range from ‘7’ to ‘a billion’. (By the way, it’s 16 pounds, 14 inches high, and 31 inches around.)

I’m glad it’s down, but I would be incredibly surprised if it made it to Halloween. Rot (I’ve bleached it) or an accident is certainly in our future. That’s ok – it’s a chance for more learning!

Happy Friday, y’all!

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3 Responses to “We harvested the pumpkin!”

  1. Kristi Said on:

    Way to go, you pumpkin-harvesting teacher!

    height, weight, and circumference, please


  2. Brad Said on:

    That’s so cool! It’s an actual, full-sized, orange pumpkin!


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