Currently the most beautiful word

October 6, 2021


I have two sets of twins this year. One set is identical and I couldn’t tell them apart if you paid me a million dollars. The eyes, the smiles, the voices – exactly the same. Luckily, their mom dresses them differently, which is a lifesaver for me. They are farm girls through and through, and are wonderfully rough-and-tumble.

The other set is fraternal. They look very different, have different lengths of hair, yet are dressed in exactly the same clothes each day. No problem for me, and I’m sure it makes shopping easier for mom.

All those filler words are just to tell you that the fraternal twins are in dance class – tap and ballet, yet one of the twins pronounces it ‘bal-la-let’, with three syllables. I love it. I hope she never changes it. Perhaps someday she’ll be a rich socialite and will tell her husband, “Shall we go to the bal-la-let this evening?”

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  1. Kristi Said on:

    In Sunday School, a new three-year-old said that God made “el’-ee-phants.” I think we should all say it that way.


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