Good Ol’ 17-hour Vacation

October 10, 2021


Lloyd remembered that I like to camp, and suggested that we go this weekend. I was too beat on Friday, and wasn’t quite up to it on Saturday, either, but he suggested it again. Ok.

I’m glad he did. We went to a different place this time. Branched Oak is where we’ve always gone, but there is a little lake – a flood-control lake – called Wildwood. It is tiny, but it’s free. There are two camp areas. The ‘larger’ one had too many people, but the one by the dock wasn’t as crowded. We found a spot off to the side that was right by the dock, and also by a little footbridge. We actually were there by 4:00, so there was enough daylight to read and walk around a little bit.

We found out that ‘free’ means a few things, like a one-hole toilet that smelled really bad (thankfully on the other side of the campground), and no tables. I’d be mad, but I love figuring stuff like that out. Good thing I can squat!

I was ready for bed by 8, but as it turns out, some fisherman like to fish at night, either from the footbridge or they put their boats in the water around 9 p.m. That means that they get their boats out of the water around midnight! Also, some Night Drinkers walked past our site at 10:00 with their wagon of stuff, and back to their cars at 3:30. At least one of them was appreciative of the primitiveness. (Drunkenly, to his companion:) “Sometimes I come out here all by myself, but I’ve got my stuff with me. Can you imagine the pioneers? They did all this stuff without the gidgets and gadgets.” I don’t know, pal – I bet some pioneers had drinking wagons, too.

Despite not sleeping much all night, it was a good trip. By the time fire and breakfast were done, we broke camp and were on the way to Lincoln (to pick up more auction stuff for Lloyd) by 9.

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  1. Brad Said on:

    What a delightful excursion! …except for the lack of sleep. People camp here all the time on the beaches. Maybe I should try that some time. I think maybe I’d just sleep in the bed of my truck. I don’t have your camping skills though… I’d have to just bring peanut butter and jelly sandwiches or something.


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