The Second Jigsaw Tragedy of the Weekend

November 3, 2021


I tell you, when Lloyd is sick, I am On Fire for getting things done. I have been thinking about organizational things (the basement started it), and while I’d really like to just re-use things at home, I came across a situation when it was best to buy a New Thing.

In the entryway, I set up that Summer Kitchen with half of a shelf from the basement. Well, while we’ve loved having the storage for drinks and such, I haven’t been able to open one side of the entryway closet for two and a half years. A smaller shelf would do the trick, plus – I could use the old one down in the basement!

Here’s the old setup:

Side note: all of these photos are bringing to light how bashed-up the area is around that door’s strike plate. It is bugging me.

The shelf was emptied:

Mind you, I did this on Sunday, the day after the Beautification of the Living Room. I see a clean room, and I have to make a huge mess. All those drinks were all over the living room, and that’s where I assembled the new shelf. My plan was to put some wood shelves on the wire shelving so they would be sturdier and things wouldn’t tip over.

That’s Lloyd to the right. He came down to ‘supervise’. He didn’t last long before he went back to bed.

The boards were too big, so I notched the corners so they’d fit. Lloyd saw the first two boards and asked why I cut the notches so big. He didn’t know about the disaster with the Cable Table, and how I can’t cut small things. I lashed out at him, then apologized for being so sensitive. (Ha. I didn’t.) The next two shelves I cut, I tried to make them smaller….. and it didn’t work. One barely fit on the shelf, and the other? I had to re-cut it FOUR times. FOUR TIMES. I was so mad! This fun project became far less fun, and I took a bit of a break before going on.

After the break, it worked out.

The wood shelves are on, the drinks are on, and best of all? The closet door opens!

(No close-ups on these photos. Sorry. Bad picture quality, too.)

….. I am never going to repaint that door frame……

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3 Responses to “The Second Jigsaw Tragedy of the Weekend”

  1. Kristi Said on:

    You are the queen of getting things done, no matter how it goes.


  2. Brad Said on:

    I love the new look. I also am a big fan of the Domino Effect of home projects. I’ve stalled out on a couple of them. Maybe if I really try to finish one, it would make me want to do the others…


  3. Deborah Said on:

    That looks so nice!


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