Tire trouble

November 8, 2021


We have company staying with us. Gina, a friend from Lloyd’s high school and college, is here with her daughter to visit Concordia. That meant that the house needed to have some stuff done, especially getting rid of the chair carcasses in the dining room.

In other news, I caught Lloyd’s cold, so I slept in for a while on Saturday. (I mean, I still had a fire, but then I went back to bed.) when he came in and said he was going to take the chairs to the dump, I was so excited! The dump! I leapt out of bed (not really), wobbled down the stairs, and sat on the sofa for a while to recover from that journey

When I finally made it out to the truck, I saw that my right front tire was low again. Dang it. It had been low a couple of weeks ago, but since it’s been sitting at home (unregistered), I didn’t think about it. Now, this registered vehicle had a problem.

Lloyd came out and we changed the tire. Ok, he changed it and I handed him stuff. As it turned out, the spare was….. super flat. Ugh. The dump was about to close in an hour and it didn’t look good. While Lloyd stood stoically and thought about our plan of action, I laid back in the leaves and looked at the sky for a while. It felt so nice……

No dump trip. We took the truck to a tire place and they’ll replace the front two tires. (The other one will be the new spare.)

On Sunday, we just took those chairs out to the shed and hid them. Perfect!

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