My Grandplant

November 10, 2021


When we opened the Pumpkin Tree pumpkin the Friday before Halloween, it wasn’t as sad as I thought it would be. The kids got to pull out the gooey guts, we carved a face and it was at my house for Halloween. Right now, it’s out in the yard for the squirrels to eat so they can have a good winter. It’s all good.

When we opened it, one of the seeds already had a cracked seed coat, so we put it in some damp paper towel and are watching it sprout. Yesterday I had a grand vision of getting a grow light and letting it take over the classroom – it could cover our housekeeping area and make it a leafy bungalow! How charming!

Then, as I was hacking away at the outside plant (the cold did it in), bit by bit, getting scratched by the thousands of prickles, I realized that the indoor pumpkin plant idea is truly terrible.

This little guy doesn’t have a good future…..

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  1. Brad Said on:

    Vegetables need a LOT of sun anyway, so perhaps you’re saving it from a slow, torturous existence.


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