The Tech Sale

November 22, 2021


Our weekend was entirely taken up by the annual technology sale. Lloyd, Sam and Gracen were at school until late Friday night doing set-up stuff, then Lloyd and I left by 6:15 Saturday morning to get it all started. I was a bit of a wet noodle due to a sinus infection, but helped nonetheless.

Rachel joined us to be the other check-out person, and I’m so glad she was. It was a MADHOUSE for the first hour. She counted over 75 people coming in the first push when the doors opened, and then they just kept coming.

I don’t have any photos, unfortunately. We were in the cafeteria instead of the big gym, so it was crowded, but it all worked out. Nearly everything sold, and their final take was over $23,000! That amount goes to three schools and all the kids that worked the sale. Lloyd could write more, but we’ll see.

Sunday was spent in recovery mode. Neither of us slept well either Friday or Saturday night. I’ll tell you more about my internet doctor experience tomorrow.

Have a good Monday!

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