Bad Bagpipes

December 14, 2021


I did, in fact, make a terrible bagpipe. ( I don’t think you can make that singular, but I just did.)

During our family zoom, Rachel brought up a hilarious episode of the Holderness Family where the dad made a set of bagpipes to have something to do during the pandemic. I thought that was so funny and tried it myself after the meeting. My original prototype just had a straw, a plastic bag, a bunch of duct tape and a recorder. It was funny enough, but the I actually watched the video and realized that it was possible to have a drone pipe!

The red straw is on the far left, then the drone recorder with the holes taped off, then the recorder you play.

Mine is not good. My drone is not well-taped and I have a weird angle for playing the other one. What? My first and only attempt at bagpipes did not turn out well? What a shocker! It was great for a bunch of laughs, though. If it weren’t so unwieldy to upload video, I’d give you some giggles this morning. Instead, here’s the Holderness Family’s version:

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3 Responses to “Bad Bagpipes”

  1. Mark Said on:

    For everyone’s enjoyment, I present… SISTER!!!


  2. Lauren Said on:

    Ha!! That’s awesome!! I am putting you in charge of all my video needs, Mark! Thanks!


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