Wet blanket, a quest, and hot fire

December 31, 2021


Let’s get caught up, shall we?

On Wednesday, the Royuks and Pesters had Hotel Night. Lloyd went right away and enjoyed the hot tub, and I went after work. I arrived after 7, and though I was a bit of a tired, wet blanket, we had a very nice time! Breakfast the next morning was delicious, with good food and good company.

Afterward, Lloyd set off for Missouri and I had Brad accompany me on a quest. I am looking for some rugs for my classroom and a giant plastic tub for the enormous Christmas Tree we keep in the commons at school. We drove all over Lincoln, finding things that were almost right but not quite. It’s fine – it gives me something to look for. Back at home, we relaxed, napped and watched a couple of movies.

Now it is Friday morning, and since it’s a Bonus Saturday, I had Council Fire. I’m working on using up the sticks from the yard and also some larger chunks of logs from the playground, so I had two fires going. I also tried using the wheelbarrow as a heat reflector, but that wasn’t necessary – I was plenty warm.

(What looks like red-hot metal on the wheelbarrow is rust.)

(Beth bought an amazing fire contraption that I’d like to show you, but I am leery of using it right by the house. It’s super-cool, and will be a future post!)

Happy last day of 2021, everyone!

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