A Sunday Full of Mistakes: Part 1

January 2, 2022


Oy. Sunday was supposed to be a productive day, but I ended up making a fair amount of mistakes. Let’s explore the first one.

In the living room, the windows along the south wall that make it difficult to watch the tv on the north wall. It’s really only a problem on Saturday or Sunday afternoons when the sun is shining, but our plan so far has been to hang a blanket over the windows. It works, but it’s messy. I thought a movable curtain would be better.

The Before – There are nails, command strips and old curtain rod holders.

When Brad was here, I bought a couple of cheap curtains and cobbled them together. I even thought I measured enough extra so that the curtain would cover the windows while hanging. As it turns out, I did not. (First goof.)

Sunday afternoon I committed to screwing some hooks to the window frame. They are ugly, but I had them, and It Is Done. Then, I went down to find something long enough to thread the curtains on. I found a long piece of PVC measured incorrectly, cut it….. and it was too short. (Second goof) Ugh. I found a piece of trim that will work.

After hanging it up, I realized that there was an inch of sunlight coming through on each side.

What does that look like on the television? It looks like this:

Ugh. It’s not awful, but it’s not great. The solution is that when we put it up (remember, it is not a permanent installation), I’ll just have to remember to not use each grommet.

I don’t want permanent curtains, and these are light-blocking, so…. it’s good enough.

Tune in tomorrow for the next big goof!

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  1. Brad Said on:

    I’m glad to see it all worked out. It does look better than a blanket 🙂


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