A Sunday Full of Mistakes, Part 2

January 4, 2022


First of all, Happy Birthday to Cousin Gracen, and happy baptismal birthday to me! Now, on to the goofing up:

My kitchen is all white. What that means is: my kitchen always looks dirty. I would love butcher block countertops, but I know myself, and I know that is just not going to happen. A while ago, I put a big board along one of the counters and liked that at least there was a different color going on. However, my gigantic cutting board didn’t fit on it and kept tipping over. Also, if the cutting boards ever ‘dominoed’, they knocked the knife block over. If you look at the big board here, you can see it’s tipping to the right/front:

Well, my solution was to tack on a bit more board (of course) and screw the knife block down (of course). You’d think that this would have gone smoothly, but it did not. The bracket that I used made my triangle of wood move away from the main piece. I flipped the bracket over so it would smash the pieces tightly together, but wound up making A LOT of unnecessary holes. Oh, I split the board a little, too.

Then it was time to screw the knife block down. Throughout this entire project, I never made my pilot holes deep enough. You’d think that after the first three times I didn’t do that, I’d correct my error. I did not.

Bleh. It all worked out. The extra big goof in this project was the Moving Of The Knives in and out of the knife block. I’ll just tell you that the term ‘handfuls of knives’ turns out exactly as you’d expect it to turn out. I am grateful for band-aids.

Not smart, Lauren. Not smart.

However, it now works as it should. The cutting boards all stand up, and if they fall, the knife block catches them.

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One Response to “A Sunday Full of Mistakes, Part 2”

  1. Brad Said on:

    You made me think of the old saying:
    “A falling knife has no handle”

    You’re getting so many projects done!


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