Raised beds – not the garden kind

April 16, 2022


I have a couple of jobs to finish this weekend, and I completed one! My Dad and sister are going to be here later in the week as they drive to Minnesota. Yay! For several years, I’ve realized that the beds in the downstairs guest room are very low. It was great in my 20s, but they really needed to be raised to regular bed height.

I just want to say, that this job that should have taken 60-90 minutes MAX, took me over a week. Last week, we loaded the wood and the saw from the school to home. Last Sunday, I cut the boards. Thursday night I couldn’t sleep and just got up at 3:30. I ate, showered, then started on the beds. Around 7 I got super-tired and putzed around, took a nap, worked a little , took another nap, and finally finished around 5:30.

The photo is a mid-working shot. They are both done now…… finally!

It looks so giant! They were about 18 inches from floor to top of mattress before, now they’re about 23 inches. How tall is your bed?

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  1. Brad Said on:

    One of my guest beds is super tall. I thought I might like that, but it takes a lot to climb into it at the end of the day.

    It does, however, make a wonderful laundry-folding bed. I don’t have to bend as much.


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