De-grossing the house

April 21, 2022


My Dad and sister are going to be here tonight! They are stopping by on their way across the country. Keren had some stuff in storage in Colorado and they loaded up a U-Haul truck to get it to Minnesota. (Dad will fly home after. Not on his own power.)

We’ve been working to get the house company-ready. Well, not really ‘company’, because they’re family and don’t care, but at least to a state that’s not shocking. At this point, I think they’ll not shudder at every turn.

Prayers for their safe travels would be welcome!

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One Response to “De-grossing the house”

  1. Brad Said on:

    Haha! I’m trying to clean before the realtors come to my place. No big things to do, but LOTS of little things. Yikes!


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