Whirlwind weekend

April 25, 2022


There was a lot going on this weekend. First, let’s talk about the weather. It has been SO WINDY across America, and Keren and Dad fought the wind heading into Minneapolis, and Friday our weather in Seward was hot and muggy. (Weird!) I’m glad they didn’t stay Friday night because the house was uncomfortably warm and stuffy. We just opened windows at night and the gusts coming through the window would shake my sheet around as I slept.

Lloyd and I were up and on the road by six. The gusts were still going, and since we can’t open the front passenger door on the Prius, someone got to sit in the back seat. It was a little like being on an airplane during turbulence – lots of shaking around with a weird, long view.

Missouri itself was delightful. Lloyd’s parents were celebrating their 55th anniversary, and we met at a great pizza place across from the capitol building for lunch. Afterward, we went over to the capitol to try and get some family photos. There was a wedding party there trying to get photos, and that poor bride’s veil was whipping around like it wanted to take off.

We tried to have photos by a fountain, but the wind turned it into a water park adventure. Here you can almost see our footprints from where we were standing when we got soaked:

Afterward we went back to the house for hanging out and sandwiches. In the morning we went to church and then out for another very nice lunch. It was delightful! Then it was back on the road – but less windy this time.

Dad and Keren had an adventure, too. His Saturday flight was delayed so they rebooked for Sunday, and there were some snags along the way, but he made it home and all is well.

Have a great Monday, everyone!

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  1. Brad Said on:

    Sounds like a fun visit! Happy Anniversary to Lloyd’s parents!


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