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December 20, 2007


Avast, ye mateys! I missed Talk Like a Pirate Day back in September (one of Lloyd’s favorite holidays), but I’m in the spirit now! Cricket has been uncharacteristically (by the way, that’s the longest word I’ve ever spelled correctly on the first shot) needy lately, and has started to climb me if I’m not giving […]

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Talk amongst yourselves

April 13, 2007


We’re visiting Lloyd’s family in Missouri this weekend and attending an auction for the new Lutheran high there.  Since we’re gone, your job is either to tell a funny joke or come up with a caption for this picture:

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Our junk drawer

March 31, 2007


This is in response to Beth’s post about junk drawers.  Lloyd was ordering pizza for his fantasy baseball auction and forgot to put the phone book back in the junk drawer and also forgot to close the drawer.  So….can you guess where we keep our catnip?

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Cricket’s Love

March 25, 2007


Tic Tac, the cat who used to hang around and eat all the food I left out, has been gone for sometime, and now I know why.  We have a boy kitty hanging around.   He met Cricket the other day and thought she was beautiful.  He followed her around the yard, and when ever she’d […]

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