A rebuttal to Brad’s hair posts

October 19, 2006


I hope that’s how you spell rebuttal.  Anyway, Lloyd got a haircut on Friday, and I forgot to take a ‘before’ picture.  So, I give you this:A masterful drawing capturing the very essence of Lloyd

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7 Responses to “A rebuttal to Brad’s hair posts”

  1. Brad Said on:

    Is his neck hair rounded or square?


    • Lloyd Said on:

      No one has ever asked me that. But I think that’s probably because by the time we get to that portion of the haircut they have me pegged for a complete hair flake, and know that (a) They will have to explain the difference to me (b) It will take me way to long to answer them and (c) I won’t have a real answer for them anyway.

      I never know how to answer any hair question, and I often have the most fun when, after they ask me “What do you want to do today”, I say, “Do whatever you want”. One guy said to me, “Really? I can do whatever I want?”. I said, “You’re the professional. Whatever you decide is fine with me”.


      • Brad Said on:

        You should develop and memorize a long and detailed description of what you want them to do. Something like: “Do a number four clipper cut on the left side, but cut the right side with scissors. I like the hair on the top of my head to be longer in front but shorter in back. Trim around my ears with a clippers only if you feel confident that you can do it symmetrically. Keep the sideburns if you cut my neckline in square edges. If the neckline is round, lose the sideburns.”

        You still haven’t said if your neckline is round or square.


        • Lauren Said on:

          It’s shaped like a ‘W’.


          • Beth Said on:

            A ‘W’? Really? I must pay more attention. Oh, and Brad, you should always say “squarish”. Have you looked at your round and square necklines successively from the pictures on your site? Square, definitely square.

          • Brad Said on:

            I HAVE looked at the two pictures. The round cut makes my head look like one of those old guys you might sit behind in church who has too much neck or not enough head or something. I will definitely ask for a square cut next time. I mean, a squarish cut.

  2. Beth Said on:

    Poor, poor birdie…he lost his home…I bet he weeps on the window sill at night…


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