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Some adorable mistakes

February 2, 2015

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Not many children came to the CDC today, which was good. I’m glad most families decided to stay home. Most of our staff stayed home, too, and I stayed with my children until the end of the day. Around 5, I caved and turned on the tv, firing up an episode of Blue’s Clues and […]

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LAY-DEEZ and GEN-tehl-men!!!!!

May 7, 2009


LAY-DEEZ and GEN-tehl-men!!!!!

My preschoolers are putting on a circus for the last day of preschool next week, and while their acts are going to be incredible – a chicken on a tightrope, people – I am most excited to be playing the role of ringmaster. Oh, the power! I need a costume, though, so I went browsing […]

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Shelf Update

February 25, 2009


Shelf Update

I took the shelf to the Center last week, and Melanie and I installed it in her room. She’s begun to put many of her cool things on it, and I’ll post a picture when it’s completely done, but I was in her room with the non-nappers today and snapped a photo. Please ignore the […]

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I drew plans and everything!

February 2, 2009


As you know, my brother will be here on Wednesday, and his room isn’t clean*, so I built a shelf. Melanie, who I work with, wanted a funky storage area under her loft for some of the fun doo-dads she has for the kiddos.  It struck me as a most magnificent idea, and said I’d […]

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My Main Squeeze

August 22, 2008


No, not Lloyd.  Bob. Bug-Out Bob. Did you ever have one of these as a kid?  I recall having one – or at least access to one.  It’s very satisfying to make the eyes all googly. I got this one for school for a particular little boy who has some trouble with his hands.  This way […]

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Fair and Square

August 10, 2008


Well, we did our part at the fair.  I’m all for being helpful as long as it involves sitting on my bottom doing nearly nothing.  Lloyd was helpful to the Republicans, too.  Our booths were not in the same aisle in the Ag Pavilion, but we checked in on each other occasionally.  He even snapped […]

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