Website Rubric & Programming Rubric

I’ve been working on some rubrics for the classes that I teach, and wanted to put them on the website in case anyone else might find them useful. Feel free to modify them and use them as you see fit. If you modify them, I would be interested in seeing (and maybe using) your changes.

Website Rubric

The first one is a fairly generic website design rubric that I use in the class Multimedia Applications. We spend about a quarter learning about HTML and CSS and then each student builds a website. I’ve found that the rubric is much more useful if the students first use it to evaluate other websites before we use it to evaluate theirs. For this rubric, I wanted to show what very high achievement would look like. So the far left column is actually quite difficult and has a value of 11 on a 10 point scale.

Last semester I switched from teaching HTML/CSS in Multimedia Apps and then teaching a Content Management System in the next class (Website Design) to the exact opposite. Now we do our first website using a CMS (WordPress) and then only the students who are interested enough in websites to take the next class learn HTML and CSS. Here is the new rubric for WordPress (or another CMS).

Programming Rubric

The second is a programming rubric that was originally oriented to the Python programming language. But I’ve tried to take the python specific wordage out of this version. I use it in Programming 1 & 2 both of which are semester classes.

Video Editing Rubric

Like the other rubrics above, the first column is very difficult and is meant to be something for students to strive for, not necessarily something that they will attain for every project. As such, it is worth 11 points out of 10. I know that seems strange at first, but it lets me put what I consider a really great job on the rubric without making obtaining and “A” impossibly difficult. Although only 3 levels are enumerated, 5 levels are provided for buy allowing scores between each level.

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  1. Rick Henderson Said on:

    These are some interesting rubrics. I’m glad you’ve put them up here for the public to see.


  2. MfokaMaphuma Said on:

    Thank you for the rubrics. Loved them. They were very helpful,.


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