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“Train up a cat in the place she shall sit…

March 16, 2009


"Train up a cat in the place she shall sit...

…. and when she is old she shall be weird.” Cricket, like most cats, likes to cram her body into tiny nooks & crannies. There is no box she can’t fit into, even a box that doesn’t exist. Ok, think ill of me if you will, but I let my cat sit on the counter. […]

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Yo yo cat

October 29, 2008


(Warning: If you are eating breakfast while reading this, I say ‘poop’.) So, I dropped a poop sample off at the vet to see why Cricket has had troubles the past two weeks.  They called with the results – no parasites, thank goodness, but she might be missing some beneficial bacteria from her system due […]

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Project Funway

October 1, 2008


So Cricket’s been sick for a while.  In fact, she’s been sick since I made fun of her, dang it.  She’s got some , um, ‘leakage’…..  and I won’t go into details.  Anyway, we’ve had her quarantined in the bathroom for a couple of days to see if The Situation is getting better.  It is, […]

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Cheap re-do

May 3, 2008


Over the past couple of weeks I’ve actually been whittling away at the kitchen. Every so often I’d scrape a little more paper, and then decided to use up paint from the basement stash. We have so many leftover cans of paint you wouldn’t believe it. There are several cans from the previous owners, and […]

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Backlit Fat Cat

April 2, 2008


It was not my best day. I won’t go into the boring details, but let’s just say: I woke up late and it went downhill from there. Taking the trash outside this evening, though, the sun was shining and Cricket was being brave. We’ll end on that. Oh, wait:  Happy Birthday Jacob and Stephannie!

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So needy

January 17, 2008


My old grumpy cat is becoming quite needy in her old age. It’s no longer enough to just sit on my lap while I’m typing. *sigh* It’s Thursday night, 8:12, and I’m listening to my leaky kitchen faucet and waiting for the laundry to dry so I can hang it up.  30 Rock wasn’t on […]

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