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Bad Movie Night table

March 31, 2014


Bad Movie Night

For the past, I don’t know?  Maybe half dozen years? We’ve been trying to have a Bad Movie Night Table at the annual Lincoln Lutheran Dinner & Auction. For various reasons, which we have never understood, we would always get a table together, but our name would never appear on the table. This year we […]

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Dinner and an Auction

April 25, 2009


Dinner and an Auction

My Dad called this week and asked if we wanted some company for the weekend. I said that I thought we were pretty free, but I’d better check with Lauren. Lauren thought I was crazy… “You have a conference in Omaha all day Friday, then Middle School Fun Night all evening. Saturday morning I have […]

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Why Lloyd can’t be left alone.

October 18, 2008


Why Lloyd can't be left alone.

… at auctions, that is. Not that I’m upset that he bought a sousaphone, of course. It’s that he bought a sousaphone without me there. If he’s going to take these crazy kinds of risks unattended, there’s no telling what kind of unsanctioned junk he might buy. Today a sousaphone, tomorrow a bulk bundling machine. […]

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September 13, 2008


First of all: Happy Belated Birthday to my nephew Jack!  September is just chock-full of birthdays, and we have terrible memories! *sigh*  Lloyd has a problem.  Can someone please tell him that even if something is dirt cheap, if you don’t need it it is not a bargain.  We went to another surplus auction and […]

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Getcher Fresh Hot Computers!

May 17, 2008


Lloyd had his computer sale at school today. He and some hard-working students set all the old-old stuff out on tables in the commons and then take people for all they’re worth. (It’s not the new-old stuff that he has bought at an auction this year, it’s the stuff that stuff replaced.) They had pretty […]

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Sam gots skilz!

April 6, 2008


In High School my cousin Sam Sommerer and I took an art class from Andy Safarik (there were other people in the class as well). I don’t remember what the actual name of the class was, but we called it “Clay Appreciation”. We must have had a lot of free time, because I remember messing […]

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