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Lehmans Rock!

February 10, 2009


Karla, nothing has made me laugh harder after opening an envelope. You guys rule! (Click the picture if you’re new to the story). You are in the category of ‘People who can buy exactly the right thing for someone’. My hat’s off to you!

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Bagged and tagged

January 2, 2009


  The puzzle has left the table.  *sigh*  I put all the pieces in a baggie and will eventually take it to a thrift store one of these days.  (Who’s kidding who? Most likely it will still be here when Brad comes again in the summer.)  I’m quite proud of our accomplishment, though! 1,000 pieces […]

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Great fun

October 10, 2008


 It’s Friday night and everyone in the house is unwell.  Lloyd has a serious cold, Pfennig may have what Cricket had (we have a vet appointment tomorrow), Cricket has diarrhea   (super yuck), and I have allergies.  Being the most well of the group, it falls to me to make a post.  Wait a minute –  […]

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Thanks, Ms. Mayor

March 4, 2008


A while back I said something about how my kids were collecting postcards from all over the country, and we didn’t have one from Maryland. Well, sneaky Peggy mailed one to us, and signed it ‘The Mayor’. I had to admit, I was a little confused (for a second) about who might have sent it, […]

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Best card ever!

December 19, 2007


It’s the time of the year when the children bring me their sweet little gifts – candles, cocoas, lotions & ornaments. The best part of receiving these presents is how they help me unwrap them. Or is it how they tell me what’s inside right away? (said in a breathless rush) “I got you something […]

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“It’s an older mailbox, but it checks out.”

March 26, 2007


My class finished up a study of Mail a while ago, so imagine my surprise when they said they’d be coming out with mailboxes that look like R2-D2!  Lincoln has one, so we stopped by on the way to choir to get photos with the celebrity. (Sorry, I didn’t send out any letters.)  

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