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I can’t believe I’m making a cat post.

July 19, 2015



Lauren said that I have to make a post, and that means looking through my camera for interesting pictures. I’m sort of loathe to make this post for several reason. The first of which is that you will find out that I occasionally take pictures of cats.  The second reason is that Lauren has told […]

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Things that go bump, meow and flap in the night.

July 27, 2009


Things that go bump, meow and flap in the night.

It never fails that when we have company in the downstairs bedroom (right by the stairs), there is a need to sneak up & down our creaky steps during the night. On Saturday night I woke up at four in the morning convinced that Pfennig was outside and dying. No amount of rationalization could fix […]

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You’re getting very sleepy….

April 20, 2009


You're getting very sleepy....

So, despite our best efforts to turn Saturday into First Floor Saturday (meaning we wouldn’t leave the first floor all day), Lloyd had a concert so we had to clean up and get out of pajamas. He showered first, then we talked for a while while he reclined at the top of our steps. (It’s […]

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“Train up a cat in the place she shall sit…

March 16, 2009


"Train up a cat in the place she shall sit...

…. and when she is old she shall be weird.” Cricket, like most cats, likes to cram her body into tiny nooks & crannies. There is no box she can’t fit into, even a box that doesn’t exist. Ok, think ill of me if you will, but I let my cat sit on the counter. […]

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Stupid wasteful cats

December 11, 2008


Dear Soon-To-Be-Dead Cats, What is the point of my closing off rooms so they don’t have to be heated when you just open those doors when I’m at work? I know that the door won’t latch because it’s winter and this dumb old house leans when it’s cold, but that’s no excuse. Knock it off. […]

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Project Funway

October 1, 2008


So Cricket’s been sick for a while.  In fact, she’s been sick since I made fun of her, dang it.  She’s got some , um, ‘leakage’…..  and I won’t go into details.  Anyway, we’ve had her quarantined in the bathroom for a couple of days to see if The Situation is getting better.  It is, […]

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