Who’s Who

Here’s a list of the people who have commented on LloydandLauren and how they fit into our great infrastructure. If you feel your description is not accurate, send me twenty dollars. Don’t see your name here? Comment, already! (Gimme a while to finish the list, eh? If you know when your first comment was, that would really help me out.)

Awesome, awesome shirt

  • Brad – first comment, October 16, 2006. Brad is our good friend from (Lloyd) high school and (Lauren) college days. He is often referred to as ‘our spouse’ because when he’s here we all do everything together. Visits every summer, tends our garden, and teaches middle school religion in Baltimore. (www.bradaptation.com)
  • Beth – first comment, October 16, 2006. Sister of Brad, husband of Harold, mother of Tara and Tim, friend of ours. She lives here in Seward about four linear blocks from our house. www.bethtastic.com
  • Annette– first comment, October 17, 2006. Director at the CDC, friend of Lauren & Lloyd. Way funny. Supports Lloyd in his bad hair decisions.
  • Christina – first comment, October 25, 2006. Sister of Lloyd (two years younger). Lives in San Antonio with husband Paul, daughter Brittany, son Declan. www.keepthemdoggiesrowland.com
  • Lloyd’s Mom – Wonderful woman, great cook, loves gardens
  • Lauren’s Mom – Wonderful woman, great cook, loves gardens…… wait a minute…….
  • Lauren’s Dad/Pastor Hofman/Dad H. – Who’d have thought a pastor could be so funny. Aren’t they supposed to be uptight?
  • You’ll notice that Lloyd’s dad is conspicuously absent from this list.
  • Mark – Lauren’s brother. Lives in St. Louis, loves (and I mean loves) to fish.
  • Curt – Friend of ours, went to St. Paul Lutheran School (and Concordia) with Brad & Lloyd, member of the Bad Movie Night Club.
  • Cousin Sam – Lloyd’s cousin, crazy man, Legoholic, successful uke convert, sworn enemy.
  • Aunt Lolly – Sam’s mom, saint.
  • Julie Baker – Lloyd’s cousin, loyal reader, fellow cat lover.
  • Vincent Sommerer – Lloyd’s cousin once removed, brother of Josh, who is a story all by himself.
  • Peggy – works with Brad at Baltimore Lutheran, funny, funny, funny lady, apparently a cowgirl.
  • Michele – that’s one ‘l’, please, works with Brad at Baltimore Lutheran, also funny.
  • Ron (stepdad)/Mr. Royuk – Brad’s dad, knows how to grill.
  • Karla – Friend from St. Paul’s and Concordia, excellent poet.
  • Deborah – Only one who gets me.
  • Charles – Mad, mad party planner.
  • Todd Peperkorn – married to the best girl in the world who I never call, but that’s because I’m phonephobic.
  • Cricket – highly talented cat, mad typing skills
  • Kristi – First comment: Feb. 7, 2007, Lloyd’s twin, crazy great organist
  • Mrs. Brady/Mr. Brady – Kate and John, Kate has worked with me at the CDC for forever and keeps me sane.
  • Aunt Marcy – Funniest aunt in the whole wide world, never sends me money.
  • Aunt Ruth – Nicest aunt in the whole wide world, also never sends me money. (Who wants to compete for ‘favorite’ aunt? Hmm?)
  • Stephannie – Rockin’ Harry Potter fan, mad dancing skills, married to my husband’s steady.
  • Jill – Beth’s friend, in the witness protection program… whoops!
  • Rachel Pozehl – one of the many, many Rachel’s in our lives. check out www.twodogpond.com
  • Karen M. – not my sister Keren, but a mystery commenter. Who is she?
  • Kim – Brad’s school neighbor (her words – not mine)
  • Aaron – Lloyd’s ‘little’ brother who is twice as tall as Lloyd.
  • Ned – Brad’s hairless cat, who I personally think has some assistant do his typing.
  • Tara – a two-year-old? C’mon, these have to be rigged. She’s cute, but she’s no savant.
  • Sommerer Sailor – aka Andrew – Lloyd’s other little brother who is taller. Currently out to sea. (Get it? current-ly??)
  • Beth Marshall – Lloyd and Brad’s friend from high school, lives in Florida – lucky girl.
  • Mary Ragoss – One of Beth’s dear friends from ‘way back. Crazy healthy!
  • Cousin Rachel – Sam’s wife, also a saint. Loves crazy songs and sings them well!
  • Deanne – one of Lloyd and Brad’s friends from high school who has become much cooler than they ever will be.
  • Keren – Lauren’s sister in Alaska!
  • Kitt – Our commenter friend from Denver, who has a really cool site of her own.
  • kiwe – Our mystery friend from California, we think. She found us through Brad’s site.
  • Ribs – Our friend in Finland! Also has a cool website.
  • GretchenA new mystery friend.  A fellow Concordian!  Wicked smart math girl.
  • The other Mark – Not Lauren’s brother, but a funny guy with many kids and his own website
  • Marissa – She works for Slashfood, and is my hero. I want her job.

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  1. Lauren's mom Said on:

    Karen M. (Madrid) is MY friend. Lives in Cedaredge, CO. She checks your website when I tell her there is something very funny or entertaining going on. We love the videos.


  2. Gretchen Said on:

    I’ll give you some hints to solve one mystery…I went to Concondia with you but graduated later (1993/1994)…spent lots of time in the science building…and hung with Stephannie.


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