The Lloyd Gallery

We all know that Lloyd is the easiest person in the world to draw, right? A long time ago I asked Lloyd to draw himself, and he made himself look like a Chinese wise dude. I also asked Annette and Beth to do one, but I have lost those drawings – they are somewhere in the many piles of paper around here. I’m sorry.

Way, way back at Lloyd’s reunion, though, we passed around some notebook paper and asked people to draw him.  If you’d like to e-mail your own entry, I’d be glad to add it!

Cheri’s – she gotz mad skilz!


Brad’s – capturing the essence of Lloyd’s bent head and eyeless pupils.




Rachel’s – so cute!


Sam’s cubist work – “Digital iLloyd”


Curt’s beardless “Jay Leno” Lloyd:

Giant chin!

and awesome ‘with beard’ version.  I really like the hair.

Well done, Curt.

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  1. Kristi Said on:

    You gotta add the postage sheet and the original, too.


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