A Very Warren Buffet Day

September 20, 2008


Lloyd’s parents are visiting for the weekend, so we had a jam-packed day.  Lloyd had an auction he wanted to check in on, then we went to Omaha.  We got there around noon and ate lunch at Spaghetti Works in the Old Market.

No, thank YOU.

Apparently, Lloyd’s Mom is a big fan of Warren Buffet, but surprisingly not for his ukulele prowess. We told her that we had a day of Warren Buffet fun planned!  We drove by the Berkshire Hathaway building, which was difficult to get to since Omaha has banned left-hand turns. (no photo – sorry) Then we drove by Warren Buffet’s house! It’s the same house he’s always lived in, and I’m sorry I didn’t bring along an invitation to ukulele night to leave in his mailbox.

Lloyd’s an excellent driver.

Then we went to Nebraska Furniture Mart, another WB store and the largest furniture store in America.  (Take that, IKEA.)  Here’s Lloyd’s Mom by the coolest table in the world.

Pebbly goodness!

Then we went to Borsheim’s, Warren’s jewelry store that’s located in the snooty mall.  We hung out in the atrium and drank coffee.  Each of my pictures had a bad shot of one of these people. I compromised by chopping everyone’s head off.

Nice eyes, everyone.

Lastly, after we made his parents sit through ukulele night, we ate at Warren’s favorite steak joint, Gorats.

We ate at night, but we drove by during the day.

Warren Buffet, if you read this, you are invited to ukulele night next month.  No financial talk will be allowed – only music!

Now, to ensure that we are the first site to pop up when you Google “Warren Buffet ukulele”:

Warren Buffet ukulele
Warren Buffet ukulele
Warren Buffet ukulele
Warren Buffet ukulele
Warren Buffet ukulele
Warren Buffet ukulele
Warren Buffet ukulele
Warren Buffet ukulele
Warren Buffet ukulele

(Try to incorporate ‘Warren Buffet ukulele’ in your comment today, would ya?)

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13 Responses to “A Very Warren Buffet Day”

  1. Brad Said on:

    Do you think Warren Buffet will google “Warren Buffet ukulele” himself, or do you think he pays someone to google “Warren Buffet ukulele” all day? Because if he pays someone, I want that job.


  2. Brad Said on:

    You are now on the first page for “jibblie”. Congratulations. Warren Buffet ukulele.


  3. Annette Said on:

    I saw that table when I was at the Mart last weekend. I imagined a Warren Buffet Ukulele Night around it. Didn’t eat at Gorat’s because I was sure the Warren Buffet Ukulele fan club was at the Horseshoe! (Does that help your rating?)


  4. Lloyd Said on:

    I think Google is going to see through a cheap trick like this, and then come and kill all of you in the night.


  5. Lauren'smom Said on:

    You are now sixth on the Warren Buffet ukelele sight.


  6. Kim Said on:

    I would be only 2 degrees of separation from Warren Buffet if he came to your Warren Buffet ukulele night—cool.


  7. Peggy Said on:

    If Warren Buffet ukulele googled Warren Buffet ukulele, how many Warren Buffet ukulele would Warren Buffet ukulele


  8. Beth Said on:

    Dear Mr. Buffet,
    When you google yourself and your ukulele, please be so kind as to visit http://www.bethtastic.com. I would love for you to be familiar with me, so as you make decisions concerning your benevolence, you perhaps think of me.

    Kind regards,


  9. Lloyd's Mom Said on:

    Warren Buffet ukulele day was a fun way to spend time. The market was fun as well. You should have seen the group playing. We had a good time. Glad you let us aggravate you for the weekend. Mom


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