One lump or two?

October 19, 2008


Remember the crunchy sugar?  Well, it was a mistake to put it in the sugar shaker.  The hole was too small, so it didn’t pour out easily, and then after a couple of days it became one solid lump in the shaker.  Fine.  You wanna lump up?  I’ll lump you up but good!

Assemble the devices

I looked this up on the internet, and thankfully someone said that you don’t need a lot of water.  From my scientific eyeballing, I think I have about a third of a cup of sugar, and I only used about half of what’s in that shot glass.  You just stir it up, and when it looks kinda dry, stir it some more.  It should look like loose beach sand.  (Like I know what that is – living in Nebraska.  I haven’t seen an ocean in 14 years.)

Keep stirring!

Now, I tried doing this in a mold and it was a complete disaster.  It stuck inside and wouldn’t come out.  This was the easiest way.  Pack it into a spoon (mine are half-spheres) and drop onto some waxed paper.  I rinsed the spoon out between packings so the sugar wouldn’t get stuck.  Let ’em dry a couple of hours, flip – let ’em dry a couple more.

Behold my turtle-like knuckles.

(If I were super-cool, I could have done this.)  There.  Ten minutes of effort and I have days worth of tea sweetening!  Ha ha, sugar.  I guess I showed you.

Don’t cross me.  I’ll lump you.

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15 Responses to “One lump or two?”

  1. Brad Said on:

    I think that would be only one day’s worth of sweetening for me. I would just eat those like candy.


  2. kiwe Said on:

    Ok, so I have been reading this blog for about four months now and I have decided to just come out and say it. This is not to be mean, but…well, I guess it is mean. You all have way to much time on your hands. If you want sugar lumps, just buy them at the store.


  3. Peggy Said on:

    Have you ever noticed how there are 2 kinds of thumbs…like there are 2 kinds of belly buttons…
    There are thumbs that can bow inward (Lauren) and there are thumbs that cannot. Mine do not.


    • Beth Said on:

      Mine don’t either, Peggy. Maybe we should start a club.


    • Deanne Said on:

      What is bowing inward? Lauren, will you please show us your thumbs?


      • Peggy Said on:

        Her thumb is in the picture. My thumb is straight & will not curve in at all. I had a friend whose thumb could almost make a 90 degree angle. It looked like a boomerang.


        • Lauren Said on:

          It would take a heap of money for me to show you any kind of close-up of my hands. I almost didn’t post that picture. Yup, curvy thumbs, bent ring fingers, pinkies that can’t straighten out, and every finger tip with some kind of damage. Sorry, everybody.


          • Peggy Said on:

            Your hands are beautiful! And there’s nothing wrong with a thumb that can curve…in fact I think that’s the norm…I really wish mine could bow…it’s more feminine.

          • Lauren Said on:

            I love you, Peggy. 🙂

          • Deanne Said on:

            My thumb curves, too. I’ll be glad to take a picture of my dirt-filled fingers, unfiled nailes, and wrinkly hands. Just to show my curvy thumb. I’ll do that the next time I can’t think of anything.

  4. Peggy Said on:

    PS I think your little jar of sugar mounds is AWESOME!!

    You could make big bucks selling those!


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