The strength of ten dorks.

January 6, 2009


So you might remember that I’m taking some steroids for my voice, and they are really proving their worth in all areas!  Today I hauled the big tree trunk out of the basement at school and took it to the playground.  By. My. Self.  Boo-yah!*

However heavy you think it is, it’s heavier.

Ok, it’s not really that heavy, but it’s still impressive, no?  I hear you out there asking, “Why on earth did you have a tree trunk in the basement of a preschool?”  Well, it’s another dead dream.  Years ago I drew out the plans for  a cool little loft in my room that was a combination crow’s nest/tree house.  I bought diamond willow sticks for the railing and had the kids help me take the bark off the tree, um ……. four years ago?  I’ve accepted that it’s never going to get built, and I’m just letting go.  Excuse me *sniff* … I need a moment…..

* I don’t actually know how you’re supposed to use that phrase.  I’m just goin’ with it.

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13 Responses to “The strength of ten dorks.”

  1. Brad Said on:

    Why did you lug it outside? Why didn’t you just burn it?


  2. Deanne Said on:

    I think each arm of the service has their own shout. Here’s a wiki about it


  3. Curt Said on:

    I think you should have a picture or video taken of you lifting that tree trunk. That would be impressive! You could boast about your super human strength!


  4. Peggy Said on:

    I would call The Guninness Book of World Records immediately & tell them you have found the largest doodlebugging stick ever…and get yourself published too!


  5. Michele Said on:

    I thought it was a giant wishbone! My first thought was, “That’s some turkey!”


  6. Mark Said on:

    “Boo-yah!” is correct. You can use that the next time you set the hook on a ten pound largemouth bass. It’s what the pro’s yell on several Outdoor Channel fishing shows.


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