“Where’d Mr. Sommerer go?”

July 16, 2009


We had a Quick Trip To Lincoln this afternoon to buy some mulch, and wound up running some errands and staying for a movie. We saw Harry Potter, and we were the last three people that stayed until the bitter end of the credits. The theatre staff held back the crowds until we could get out, and that was nice of them.

Anyway, staying for the movie made us late to Beth’s so that Brad could watch his t.v. show. We arrived after 8 o’clock and Beth said, “Come on in, but don’t let my kids see you.” She had them almost ready for bed and didn’t want Uncle Brad’s craziness to excite them. So we did what any responsible adult would do in that situation. We hid behind the furniture and played with their toys.

Bobbi joined us, but she purred too loud.  We had to shush her.

Lloyd was a little slow on the uptake, and Tim saw him. “Mr. Sommerer’s here!” he sweetly told his mommy. Then he looked again – “Where’d Mr. Sommerer go?” Lloyd had lightning fast reflexes. (And a keen eye for paper doll fashions.)

Boys will be boys. With their dolls.

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4 Responses to ““Where’d Mr. Sommerer go?””

  1. Brad Said on:

    I finally got to play with another doll besides Kelly. Tara only ever lets me use Kelly.


  2. Beth Said on:

    HA! I’m glad you stayed. And seeing you all huddled on the floor in front of Tara’s dollhouse when I came downstairs was hysterical. 😀


  3. Michele Said on:

    I’m hoping your TV show was “So You Think You Can Dance” -- it was awesome this week! I loved the girls’ Ballywood routine and I especially loved the Travis number danced by Jason and Janine.


  4. Deanne Said on:

    I love playing with other people’s toys. Looks like a really fun doll house.


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