A nice Friday

April 2, 2010


Happy Birthday, Jacob!

This was a productive day. I slept in (yay!), got some projects unsuccessfully started (future posts), and ran some errands. Lloyd and I came into Omaha so that tomorrow we can see an iPad up close and personal at the Apple store.

We are staying in the tiniest (yet very nice) hotel room ever. Seriously, the bed takes up most of the space.

We’re at a Holiday Inn attached to an indoor water park (CoCo Keys), and we walked around to see the sights. The whole place smells like chlorine – even our room. It’s a festive atmosphere.

Blurry.  I was trying to get a shot of the giant bucket splashing - it was cool!

We attended Good Friday services here at Atonement Lutheran. The pastor is a guy from Lloyd’s home congregation – a few years younger than Lloyd. It was nice to see him and visit somewhere new. The service was a bit short, and I managed to get through with minor sniffling.

Here’s a cool shot of a cloud.

Our hotel is under the cool cloud.

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7 Responses to “A nice Friday”

  1. Brad Said on:

    I like your random cloud picture. It’s very ADD. Squirrel!


  2. Lauren's mom Said on:

    Everyone has gone to visit family for Easter.
    I miss you two!
    Have a Happy Easter! Sing an “alleluia” for me.


    • Lauren Said on:

      We didn’t go to visit anyone -- just an iPad …but maybe that’s family for Lloyd. 🙂

      We couldn’t chance a trip since work comes early on Monday. 🙁


  3. Kristi Said on:

    I finally got it. (Yes, I’m slow.) A “nice” Friday.


  4. Christina Said on:

    Was the pastor Keith Dueshak??


    • Lloyd Said on:

      It was indeed. I got to talk to him for about 5 minutes before the service, but it was one of those Good Friday “please leave in silence contemplating the suffering and death or our Lord” type of services.


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