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September 10, 2010

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Happy Birthday, Dad!!!

As I’ve said before, the love of gadgets runs strong in my family, but I’m pleased to note that we don’t go super ga-ga over useless stuff, like a……. (insert useless gadget item here). No, no – functionality is key.*

My sister gave me a set of amazing key-style gadgets. The set of three had a bottle opener, a flat-head screwdriver, and – my personal Holy Grail of keychain gadgets – a philips-head screwdriver!!!! Seriously, I have wandered through many a hardware store trying to figure out how to hack something like this, because I’m always needing one. (Case in point: When I accosted that lady in TJMaxx, I used it to tighten the tuning pegs on her ukulele.)

I’ve decided to keep the other screwdriver and opener in my truck instead of my keyring, because my gadget-to-actual-keys ratio is getting dangerously high (1:1)

Keys, baby nail clippers, USB drive, money keeper, flashlight, screwdriver.

*Heh. I just got it. ‘Key’. My subconscious cracks me up.

Update for Brad:
Yes, there’s a USB drive. It’s one of those cute foldable things, but I don’t trust it very much. On some reviews it said that it ruined information. I don’t know if it’s worth keeping – it might be a killer.

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7 Responses to “Oh, most fabulous thingamajig”

  1. Brad Said on:

    Maybe you just just keep your keys in the truck and fill your keyring with gadgets! That would be cool.

    And you have a USB drive on there? Is it behind the flashlight?


  2. Lauren's Dad Said on:

    Thank you, Lauren!


  3. Peggy Said on:

    I really like that key-screwdriver one…now that is clever!
    I don’t have any gadgets on my keychain…but I do have a cute little flip-flop…which might come in handy if I ever run into a shrunken woman with only one shoe.

    Happy Birthday Lauren’s Dad!! (Your happy smile reminds me alot of my dad’s happy smile.)


  4. Lloyd Said on:

    It’s like you’re the batman.


  5. Lloyd's Mom Said on:

    Happy Birthday to your Dad, Lauren. It’s one less than last year, right?


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