Allergies and auctions

October 9, 2010


I’ve had some weird allergies this season. This is the first time that sneezing has been a symptom. I finally broke down and bought some medicine at the dollar store on Thursday night, but it’s terrible stuff. I feel all groggy and weird, even though it says it’s non-drowsy. Whatever.

Anyway, we went to Lincoln for the Lincoln Public Schools auction which is usually the most interesting one of the year, but I was a little too whacked out to appreciate it. Aside from the many, many globes, they had these. What are they?

Your crock is showing.

Pickle jars or science things? Lloyd seems to think that the rubber bands around the side are significant, and that they might be used to roll the crock so it can polish things.  They have that very tall neck to accommodate the locking lid, and the inside capacity is about a quart, I’d say.

The locking mechanism is genius. You loosen it then slide it to one side to get out of a hole, the lift it out. There is a rubber ring inside to seal it. I don’t think it’s pressurized at all, just locked so it’s leak-proof.

Top o' the crock to ye!

It’s made by Rosenthal.  I don’t know what the 195 means, or if that’s 1,0 or 1.0

I should have made this picture bigger.

There were some little ceramic-y orbs inside, so maybe it’s a polisher. It’s hard to tell, though, because two tables away were the rest of those orbs in an unmarked box. It could have just been somewhere to store these things.

They're so uneven.

So, I’m stymied. An internet search isn’t helping much. Your thoughts?

Another highlight was in a box of science equipment. There were many pairs of tongs, and I’m pretty sure this is the style of tongs we used for salad when I was a kid. Do I come by my love of auction items genetically or is this just the basic tong shape?

Mmmm.... childhood memories of Italian dressing....

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8 Responses to “Allergies and auctions”

  1. Kitt Said on:

    I would guess tumbler, too. The size and configuration points to that. There’s a Rosenthal Jewelry Supply that sells tumblers. You could email them and ask.


  2. Beth Said on:

    Maybe it’s a homedmade ice cream churner. Freeze the orbs. Put all the ingredients in with the orbs. Lock it shut and have kids roll it around.

    Mmmm…homemade ice cream. I need to make some of that stuff…


  3. Karla Said on:

    I thought ice cream maker too.

    And the tongs are exactly what my mom has. She’s had them forever, and their primary function is to get corn on the cob out of a pan of boiling water.


  4. Peggy Said on:

    Ice cream maker, rock polisher, urn ???? Did anyone buy them?

    Hey Karla…my mom used those tongs for corn on the cob too. I don’t remember having salad as a kid. If we had it, I guess I just never ate it.


    • Lloyd Said on:

      They sold while I was watching the giant Earthball sell. There’s so much junk stuff there that they sell it in two auction rings.


    • Karla Said on:

      I don’t think we ever had salad either. If we did, it was DIY and you ripped your own lettuce off the head and put it on your plate or in a bowl.


  5. Lauren's mom Said on:

    They’re from an archeological dig and those are petrified dinosaur eggs.


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