One cake, two salads, three pounds of broccoli, 240 potatoes.

March 27, 2012


It’s time for the CDC’s annual potato bake, and there are several things that need to get done ahead of time. Today I had the afternoon to go over to church to chop broccoli and wash & wrap potatoes. It was blissful. I listened to almost three episodes of This American Life and a little bit of The Splendid Table on my iPod as I worked.

I really, really need to become a prep cook somewhere.

Anyway, I needed to make a couple of salads and a dessert for tomorrow’s dinner. I made the melted ice cream cake for real, but neglected to note that it should be made in a bundt pan, dang it. I bought a 3-pack of aluminum pans to put all my foodstuffs in, and the cake took forever to get done and will probably be gross in the middle. Oh well – I don’t have to eat it! (evil laugh)

My salads are a ‘whatever’ pasta salad (not to be confused with Lloyd’s World Famous Pasta Salad, and a ‘My parents make a really good broccoli salad but I can’t seem to remember all the ingredients’ salad. I called my mom after I went to the store, so this is missing some celery and doesn’t quite have enough dressing on the final product.

I liked using the aluminum pans. I just put stuff in as I chopped and the salads looked wonderfully deconstructed before I stirred them around with their respective dressings.

Bento Salads!

It needs ham and cheese to be Lloyd's, with no speck of pickled asparagus or red onion.

Broccoli and aluminum are hard to spell.

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9 Responses to “One cake, two salads, three pounds of broccoli, 240 potatoes.”

  1. Brad Said on:

    That last picture looks delicious! Except for the onions, I could just sit down in front of the TV and eat that for dinner. Mmmm… ingredients…


  2. Kristi Said on:

    The color combinations in the salads are glorious! Is this foodie week?


  3. Peggy Said on:

    Dang, did you wash & wrap all 240 potatoes? What a worker bee!!

    I was a washed & wrapped couch potato last night by around 9pm. Does that count as anything?


  4. Deborah Said on:

    Is this the soup supper tonight?


    • Deborah Said on:

      To answer my own question, yes, it was the soup supper, and it was delicious!


      • Lauren Said on:

        I hope your potato was done enough. I was freaking out about overcooking the ones on the bottom of the oven so I had them turned down a little this year, and the first ones served weren’t as fluffy in the middle as I’d hoped. Sorry ’bout that.


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