Shopping Dunce

April 15, 2012


I hate clothes shopping. Hate it. A couple of weeks ago we went to Kohl’s to go shopping, and I was hanging out with Lloyd as he effortlessly looked through the clearance racks. I had already done a brief foray into the womens’ stuff, and was mentally maxed out after five minutes. There’s just so much stuff! So many choices! You’re supposed to try things on, which is a step that I prefer to skip. I’d rather buy it, take it home, and if I don’t like it, have every intention to return it (but usually don’t).

Anyway, standing in the men’s department and wishing I was dead, I overheard a guy – just a regular guy – talking to his girlfriend as he held up a shirt, “See, I could wear this with a black shirt underneath.” I wanted to choke him – throw him up against a wall and pound the information out of him, raging against my lack of knowledge and skills in putting myself together in a stylish manner: “How do you know?? How do you know what to put together?? Was there some sort of class that I missed long ago?? Was there also a course in makeup and hair?? *sob* It’s too late for me….”

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5 Responses to “Shopping Dunce”

  1. Brad Said on:

    Where are Garanimals when you need them?


  2. Deborah Said on:

    I, also, do not care for shopping. I agree that there are too many choices. We both missed the class.


  3. Gretchen Said on:

    If you do find the class, please let me know. I should also attend.

    I keep seeing cute outfits put together on pinterest, but then I have no idea where to buy anything and/or the prices are about $300 for a shirt.


  4. Peggy Said on:

    …standing in the men’s department and wishing I was dead. HAHAHAHA!!! I laughed out loud!

    We would so get along swimmingly Lauren! I HATE clothes shopping too! It has become a chore right up there with cleaning up vomit and digging thru the trash to find your watch.


  5. michelle Said on:

    There was a class???????


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