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June 2, 2012


Back in the fall when stores were getting rid of their summer things, Lloyd and I saw these flowerpots that looked like teacups and Lloyd I really, really liked them. Lloyd I spent a fair amount of time comparing the different styles and Lloyd I just couldn’t decide if we should have smaller flowerpots with random designs or larger flowerpots that all matched, but finally Lloyd I made up his my mind and we made our purchase. I’m glad that I Lloyd was so patient with him me during this long process, and that I he is so accepting of his my decided tendency towards girly things.

Lloyd bought some impatiens to plant in them, and I finally got around to putting them in the teacups. Let us all take a moment to remember that I am not a gardener. Here is some proof:

There was a mouse nest in the giant bag of potting soil that’s been in the shed for a long time. Real gardeners don’t let this happen to their potting soil.

If there had been a dead mouse in there I would have passed out on the sidewalk.

Real gardeners get some sort of tool to move the soil from the bag to the pot. They don’t just shake the bag of old compacted soil like a box of cereal and hope for the best, making a big ol’ mess.

Er, I'm going to have to get my hands dirty, aren't I?

Real gardeners tidy up the area the flowerpots will sit on, not set them out haphazardly and run inside to drink some ginger ale. (My stomach is feeling better.)

Good enough.

But it’s done. One gardening thing I do – check!

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5 Responses to “My cup of tea”

  1. Brad Said on:

    Nice work! I think they’ll do just fine. (if you water them)

    Gardening magazines call an arrangement like that “whimsical”.


    • Lauren Said on:

      Hmmmmm…”Whimsical”. That sounds like when I look at a child’s scribble and say, “Wow, you really used a lot of blue!”


  2. Peggy Said on:

    Oh but Lauren, you are a gardener!! I LOVE LOVE LOVE those pots!! They look beautiful!! I am quite envious!

    (I don’t have gardening tools either. I use a spoon to dig the dirt out of the bag. Put your hand in a Zip- gallon size plastic bag if you don’t want to get your hand dirty. )


    • Peggy Said on:

      …it works because that’s what I do. And then you can pat down the dirt in the pot without getting you hand dirty too. Sometimes I have to use a ponytail holder to keep the bag on.


  3. Lauren's mom Said on:

    I love the pots!


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