Lloyd’s home!

June 19, 2012


Lloyd’s back from his visit to his family. They went on a float trip – a long, wonderfully lazy canoe ride down the Meremac River. I did not go because 1) he was staying late and I was working, and 2) there was water involved. (I’m made of sugar, you know.)

He sent me a text on Monday that he was coming home, but as a wounded soldier.

He was helping someone turn their boat right-side up and got smacked. *sniff* We’re looking into getting a prosthetic cheek. (By the way, I had to ask what happened to his cheek because when I get a picture message on my old, crummy flip phone, I never realize that there is text below the photo. Crazy technology. [*fist shake at iPhone whippersnappers*]

He also brought me back some of the delicious bounty from his parents’ garden. Pickled beets! Score!!! I had never eaten a beet until I had Lloyd’s moms pickled beets, and I was hooked. I put the jar on the beet shelf in the fridge.

Jane and Nellie will have to duke it out.

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8 Responses to “Lloyd’s home!”

  1. Brad Said on:

    Mmm… pickled beets…

    I’ve tried growing beets, but haven’t had any success. Cold crops don’t grow well for me. I don’t know if it’s an issue of the weather here, or bad timing on my part.


  2. Peggy Said on:

    That wound looks like a perfect triangle! (Was a chunk of skin punctured right off?) Both my boys have puncture scars on their face.

    And I once had a Doberman bite me in the face. From above my eyebrow down to my chin. When I went to work the next day I thought I’d be having to explain all day to customers what happened. My eye was black & blue and I had teeth scrape marks down my face. Not one customer asked me what happened. My co-workers said it was because it looked like I was beat up & they probably didn’t want to pry.


  3. Curt Said on:

    Nice earrings Lloyd.


  4. CousinSam Said on:

    Are fireworks allowed in Seward? Gracen wants to know
    Having a tough time getting into (digging it, not connecting) Diablo iii- Sam wants to know why


    • Lloyd Said on:

      Yes, yes they are. But I don’t think you can have bottle rockets, and Roman candles have to be stuck in the ground and shells can be over 6 inches long or over 2 inches wide and firecrackers can’t have more than 50 grams of powder and all sorts of other things.

      But the important on is this: Do not buy them on your way through Missouri on July 1-4, because they stop people in Nebraska City and ask if you are bringing in any fireworks, and Gracen will tell them, “yes we are”, and then they will want to see them and take anything that they might want to shoot off later.


  5. Jane Sommerer Said on:

    I will have to remember that you like beets and send some more your way. We really needed Lloyd and Tina to get us out of the water when we tipped over. A good way to spend a hot day.


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