Watermelon: how shall I cut thee?

July 15, 2014


Pintrest has been all a-buzz with what is – arguably – the most clever way to cut up watermelon for a crowd. You just cut it in half, lay the cut side down and cut slices one way, turn 90 degrees (the watermelon, not you) and slice the other way. You end up with a nice selection of ‘sticks’. Just pick up a stick by the rind, eat away, then toss the rind bit. (These photos are from my first time. I lopped the outside off because it was so unripe.)


You need a pretty sharp knife for this. The very last cut is a wee bit dangerous – there are lots of watermelon parts trying to slide around.


There you go! Ready for snacking. (Note the juicy mess on the board, though.)


I like this method, and have done it several times this summer. In fact, my only purchase in Kansas City was the green cutting board you see in the above picture. It has a nice lip all the way around and catches the juices. I can cut and serve on the same surface.

But I got to thinking, could you cut a watermelon up and not have to worry about the juice? Could I cut it like I cut up avocados?

Sure thing! This way makes cubes, not sticks. Slice watermelon in half, then cut interior slices one way (you can feel when you’re at the rind).


Turn 90 degrees (the watermelon, not you. Sheesh, maybe you shouldn’t be holding a knife.) and slice the other way.


Then go around the interior edge at a bit of an angle – pretend it’s a giant grapefruit. Mmmm….. giant grapefuit…..


Then take a big serving spoon and scoop out some cubes. I tried to make them as cube-shaped as possible but then I realized I wasn’t getting graded on this. Scoop out the cubes into a bowl, but then take a regular spoon and eat all the yummy bits left behind.


Not too shabby! Those two drops of juice on the counter? The only drops that didn’t stay in the rind. Win!


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4 Responses to “Watermelon: how shall I cut thee?”

  1. Brad Said on:

    Wow! You have been eating a lot of watermelon this summer!


  2. Peggy Said on:

    I’d like to try the watermelon fries. I’ve never eaten watermelon in a stick form like that. I wonder if it would seem weird.

    I do always cut my cantalope in the same cube fashion….but I haven’t done it to a 1/2 watermelon before. Let the testing begin!

    (btw: I love watermelon….but I hate watermelon flavored things)


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