“Train up a cat in the place she shall sit…

March 16, 2009

Cricket, Journal

…. and when she is old she shall be weird.”

That's a uke book.

Cricket, like most cats, likes to cram her body into tiny nooks & crannies. There is no box she can’t fit into, even a box that doesn’t exist.

Ok, think ill of me if you will, but I let my cat sit on the counter. Not the food preparation part, but the ‘desk’ part where the computer is. It’s usually covered with mail/papers/boxes I don’t deliver, and she sits on the paper in a very “I’m not actually on the counter” kind of way. (If she does try to get on another part of the counter or on the table , you must yell “DharmaDharmaDharma!!” at her. Nothing else will work.)

So, a couple of nights ago I was trying to clean off the area and pulled a small envelope out from under her. Lloyd said, “Do you think she’d sit on a rectangle if you drew it on the counter?”


Wisely avoiding the Sharpie, I went with tape. Sure ’nuff.



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16 Responses to ““Train up a cat in the place she shall sit…”

  1. Brad Said on:

    You should put a tape rectangle on the wall and see if she’ll sit on it. That would be cool if she did.


  2. Deanne Said on:

    Tooooo funny!


  3. Beth Said on:

    Myabe that’s why toilet training her didn’t work. No rectangle.


  4. christina Said on:

    Our cat does the same thing! Last night she sat on a piece of paper on the floor in the middle of the rec room for an hour until the dog chased her off. Cat’s are just weird!


  5. Rae Said on:

    Warning! Completely off topic -- Lauren I got a package without any brownies or bacon in it. THANKS a bunch! What payback is appropriate from me? From the recipient of the second?
    Thanks again! (And tell Cricket I am sorry that two of her packages from the counter were taken.)


  6. Peggy Said on:

    “..even in a box that doesn’t exist”…HA! “safe”…HA! That is hysterical!!! I’ve never owned a cat…dogs will hide under the coffee table or end table, they like dens.

    I think you should make the rectangle a little smaller each day & see how small you can get. It’d be an excellent youtube video of the daily torture of Cricket trying to get into the yet smaller box, don’t you think?


  7. Uyek Said on:

    Best thing I’ve seen/read in a while!! Really!
    I’d love to read the cat psychology for this behaviour.


  8. beth (sam's 2nd wife) Said on:

    I am mostly a lurker here at Sam and Rachel’s urging (“You just HAVE to see what is happening on L&L today!”) but today I would like to make a suggestion.
    Making the box smaller would be entertaining. But the box on the wall idea is more appealing to my warped sense of humor. What if you moved the box over toward the wall each day by two inches until a portion of it was on the wall. At what point would she lose her mind?


  9. ratty Said on:

    oh, MY!
    i was eating lunch when i read this…

    p.s. i LOVE my work gravatar’s tail…, very rattish 🙂


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