Things that go bump, meow and flap in the night.

July 27, 2009

Drawings, Phennig

It never fails that when we have company in the downstairs bedroom (right by the stairs), there is a need to sneak up & down our creaky steps during the night.

On Saturday night I woke up at four in the morning convinced that Pfennig was outside and dying. No amount of rationalization could fix it, so – creak, creak creak down the steps to look for her, then outside to call for her. I didn’t find her, but Neighbor Kitty and I had some meaningful moments. Pfennig met me in the kitchen when I got back.

Last night, there was the familiar *skritch*skritch* at the attic fan, and Lloyd caught another bat. I was super-brave this time and watched it all (from the safety of the bathroom), but we couldn’t get a ‘during’ photo because the camera was downstairs. Lloyd brought it back up before he took the bat outside and said, “Take a picture. Tomorrow might be a slow news day.”

Doesn't Lloyd look smashing in my robe?

It was.


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6 Responses to “Things that go bump, meow and flap in the night.”

  1. Deanne Said on:

    In the night? While you were sleeping?


    • Lauren Said on:

      The bats are always active right as we’re getting ready for bed. Stupid bats. This one was much larger than the past ones, and was baring his teeth at Lloyd when he came out of the vent. I am not joking.


  2. Brad Said on:

    If you just kept a hawk in your attic, you wouldn’t have to worry about bats.


  3. Rae Said on:

    Speaking of bats, Lauren, have you ever heard of or read to your kids the book, “Bats at the Beach”? They actually make bats somewhat more tolerable -- at least on paper. It has been MANY years ago, but when I was little and my family owned an OLD farm in NE Iowa, the cabin we slept in had bats. I remember a couple of nights watching Dad get rid of them. I don’t like to be in closed quarters with them, but I do like watching them fly around at night, eating up all those little/big bugs that I detest. May all your bats be outdoor pets from now on. Oh, and I am happy that Phennig is safe.


  4. Peggy Said on:

    Wow, what a night!! We have similar nights here quite often… I often go bump, meow & flap in the night…I’m a sleep walker…seriously.

    Now, I think you should get Lloyd a proper Dragon Slayer outfit for next time.


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