Very resourceful

April 26, 2010


Here’s a Toyota Prius we saw on the way to Omaha on Saturday.

That's going to take a lot of Goo Gone when it comes time to resell.

Whoa. Those are a buncha stickers. He must really, really, really like stickers. I was embarrassed as Lloyd took pictures as we were passing him and Lloyd said, “Are you kidding? If you cover your car with that many bumper stickers, you want people to take pictures.

No political ranting or bashing here, just comments about stickers in general, please. Or Priuses. Or adhesive removal advice.

I’ll start. I covered my flute case in stickers. Mostly flat ones – I wasn’t cool enough for the puffy kind.

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9 Responses to “Very resourceful”

  1. Keren Lowell Said on:

    I don’t think I’ve ever put a bumper sticker on a car. I don’t have any tattoos either, probably for similar reasons.


  2. Brad Said on:

    Maybe the owner is hiding lots of nicks in the paint job.


  3. Beth Said on:

    Maybe he’s thinking the bumper stickers will provide a little extra cushion in a crash if his accelerator gets stuck.

    And he’s in reverse.


  4. Kristi Said on:

    I’d send him a bumper sticker that says, “I [heart] bumper stickers.”


  5. Peggy Said on:

    Good Morning Mr. Phelps, Mr. Sommerer…Your mission, should you decide to accept it, is to find the origin of the new trend in bumper stickers. This comment will self-destruct in 5 seconds.


  6. Karla Said on:

    Maybe the car is really a rust-bucket and the bumper stickers are the only thing keeping it together.


  7. Jessica Said on:

    This is my dream car. (And I have tattoos -- probably for similar reasons, lol.)


  8. Marisa Said on:

    My father and his brothers are known for the bumper sticker application (last time my dad got a new car, he spent a good hour arranging all his saved up bumper stickers on the sidewalk, searching for the optimal arrangement). It seems to be a genetic curse that both my sister and I have caught as well, our cars both make sticker-y statements. However, I do believe that Prius is the master bumper sticker-er, I’ve never seen anything like it.


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