Terrible memories with Lauren: Part….4?

September 2, 2010

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I’m not the smartest person out there, and I’ve never been very good at ‘living in the moment’. Even now as a responsible adult, I’m never really aware of what’s going on when it’s going on. It has to do with being a daydreaming expert, but it’s also ingrained from childhood.

Example: The first time we had show-and-tell in kindergarten, I had no idea what the protocol was. Apparently we were supposed to bring green things, and that morning there was this whole table up front just chock full of cool green things.

The teacher (Mrs. Spindler?) said something like, “Who wants to share something?” Well, I certainly wanted to share something – how about one of those cool green things on the table? There seemed to be plenty.

I circled the table a few times and made my choice – a green hand mirror. I held it up to show and perhaps tell something about it and Barbara Stroud shrieked, “That’s my mirror!”

What the what? We were supposed to show what we brought? But – I didn’t bring anything…… Mass shame ensued, but I’ve successfully blocked that out.

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5 Responses to “Terrible memories with Lauren: Part….4?”

  1. Brad Said on:

    Ah, the scars of childhood. It’s interesting to discuss such memories with the other people who were there.


  2. Rae Said on:

    Gracen had to bring something for show and tell today. Only he couldn’t decide what to bring -- no category was given. He finally settled on a fake tarantula that I used to have in my office. Secretly, I hope it scares someone.

    As a kid, I LOVED show and tell. As a parent I am coming to not like it so much. My kids rarely know what they want to take, or really want to take what they can’t -- like the goldfish or cat; or one of Sam’s really cool hunting knives. (If you know Sam, you understand that he doesn’t hunt he just likes the knives.) Anyway, show and tell seems to produce a lot of angst at our house. Are we the only ones?


  3. Peggy Said on:

    HA!!! I think your story is hilarious…I can see why you got confused. It was an innocent mistake.

    I hated Show & Tell because I was painfully shy. I never raised my hand to go next…& I don’t think they ever got around to me, ever.

    That little boy in your class is cute, who is he?


  4. christina Said on:

    In kindergarten they sent a note home to my mom that said I couldn’t bring any more stuffed animals to school for show and tell….I don’t know why the teacher would do that….maybe she didn’t, maybe my mom just didn’t want me to take anything……hmmmmmm…..of course it could be that I only had about five stuffed animals and they had already been seen twice!


  5. Lloyd Said on:

    When I was in Kindergarten we moved from Chicago to Honey Creek and I got in trouble my very first day because I sat next to Cousin Sam.

    No one told me that there was a specific seat for me and that I had to sit there. Who ever heard of such a thing?


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