Saving Dinner

September 8, 2010


God bless the Wednesday night Farmer’s Market. They always have a group that man the Hamburger Fundraiser Stand in the bank parking lot. (You can’t actually see any of it in the above banner because I took the picture as I was walking, with Brad’s old camera, and you can’t see anything on that screen in the sunshine.) It is manned weekly by different organizations – Red Cross, Save the Monkeys, stuff like that. I don’t read the signs – I just fork over the cash.

They will sell you a delicious grilled hamburger, a bag of chips and a soda for $2.50 – a bargain at twice the price! The thing that makes it so great is that it is always a surprise. I’m headed home thinking, “What are we going to eat? Oh! Hamburgers!”

God bless you, Fundraiser Stand. I hope my money helps your cause – whatever it was.

I took a bite before I remembered to document.

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10 Responses to “Saving Dinner”

  1. Keren Said on:

    I think $2.50 round here would get me maybe a bag of chips. You are lucky, sis.


  2. Keren Said on:

    And while I’m here, can you tell me how (if?) I can change the little box thingie next to my name? I am not feeling so trianglish lately…


    • Lauren Said on:

      I agree, you look far too triangly. It’s not good for your health.

      Apparently, if you click on your triangle photo it will take you to the gravatar site. You create an account and upload a photo and viola’! (At least, I think that’s how it happens. I’m a techno-dunce. E-mail me if it doesn’t work and Lloyd will fix it.)


  3. Brad Said on:

    I’m so glad you mentioned Save the Monkeys. They get so little press. You hear about the Aardvark Defense Fund all the time. And I sometimes wonder if CNN isn’t partially owned by Save the Gerbils, for how often they report stories on it. But Save the Monkeys? When do you ever hear about them?


  4. Kristi Said on:

    Did you buy anything at the farmer’s market?


    • Lauren Said on:

      I’m afraid to go to the actual farmer’s market. It’s just so…. human. I can’t buy something from everyone, and I feel bad walking by tables and not buying something. (It’s a very small-scale market.)

      If I choose not to buy something, it’s not like I’m walking out of Target with nothing, it’s as if I’m saying to the sweet little old lady who brought that squash, “I’m too good for your puny produce.”

      The rejection is just too personal.


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